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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited | BSNL | Introduction

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited), which is known as BSNL, is a public sector communications company of India, with the market capitalization of 24% on March 31, 2008, it is India's largest, a communications company. Headquarter is in Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Harish Chandra Mathur Lane, Janpath, New Delhi; It has a mini-Ratna status - given to the reputable public sector companies in India. Ga

BSNL is India's oldest communication service provider (CSP) BSNL currently has a customer base of 72.34 million (Basic and Mobile Telephony), its postmarks metropolisMumbai and New Delhi (New Delhi), which is part of MTNL Except for Managed Managed, except for March 31, 2008, BSNL 31.55 million wireless, 4.58 million DMA-WLL and 36 21 million GSM mobile subscribers were in control The BSNL's earnings in the financial year ending March 31, 2007 were Rs. 7.17 billion (9.67 billion). Today BSNL is India's largest telco and 100 billion One of the largest public sector undertakings in the US with the estimate of caution is the company is planning 10% public share in 6 months

Bsnl Services

BSNL provides almost every telecom service but the following main telecommunications services have a role

1. World Wide Telecommunication Service: The local loop (WLL) BSNL is the main operator in the fixed line of B-phones and waveform respectively Wireless and fixed telephones called the AMA technology, as per 31 December 2007, BSNL's fixed-line 81 % Market share

2. Cellular mobile telephone service: BSNL cellular mobile telephone service is an unstated provider of GSM plate form under the brand name CellOne [1] BSNL's Excel [2] pre-paid cellular service form As per 31 March 2007, BSNL has 17% share in mobile telephony in the country.

3. Internet: BSNL is providing Internet connection as Dial Sub Connection to Sancharnet, Post Tree as a Pre Tree and AYSL - Broad Band near BSNL in India 50% market share BSNL has planned aggressive rollout in the current financial year

4. Intelligent Network (IN) BSNL is providing IIS services like televoLTE, toll-free phones, phones etc.

5. Broadband BSNL broadband transfers and transmits data very fast. At this time the connection of download speeds of 256 Kbps or more can be kept in broadband category. BSNL provides the minimum download speed of its broadband pay 2 Mbps. Which is a lot more than other dial-up and narrowband connection.

6. 3G service BSNL is today the fastest 3G service in India, which means providing third generation internet service. Today, private and private companies are charging their customers arbitrarily for service of 3G services. The BSNL, the heinous, has kept it very cheap.

7. 4G Service In the ongoing war in the telecom market, BSNL has now decided to jump. BSNL is launching its 4G service with the launch of the new year. BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Srivastava confirmed this while said that BSNL will launch its 4G service in the country on the new year's occasion. By this step of BSL, Geo and Airtel's 4G service are determined to get tough competition. Chairman Anupam Shrivastava said that BSNL will first launch its 4G service in Kerala and then it will be launched in Odisha. After the launch of 4G service in these states, BSNL will soon make this service available to the entire country. BSNL said that its users will get high-speed internet from the 4G service.

8. Indigenous Affordable SIM Card Recently, Baba Ramdev had launched the Swadeshi Pradhan Sim card with BSNL. These SIM cards were available to Patanjali employees right now, in which they can avail of DE 2 GB data and free voice calling on recharge of Rs. 144. Now the benefits of this plan can be availed by the common users. Users who use this SIM will be given medical insurance up to Rs 2.5 lakhs and life insurance up to Rs 5 lakhs. Talking to the media on the occasion of SIM Launching, Baba Ramdev had said that BSNL is an indigenous network and Patanjali and BSNL aim is to serve the country. "The aim of the company is charity."

BSNL Customer Care Number

Here, you can get the BSNL customer care number, toll-free number, and common BSNL customer care number
Note:- That this BSNL customer care number 24*7 i.e. it works every day and every minute, so you no need to worry about the timing.
  • BSNL customer care number: 
  1. For Mobile or Network Issues – Dial 1503 (Exclusively for BSNL mobile user) or 1800-180-1503.
  2. For Landline Phone issues Dial 198/ 1500/ 1800-345-1500.
  3. For problem in BroadbandDial 198/ 1504/ 1800-345-1504,
  • BSNL Customer care (Region Wise):-  Click Here
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