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Telenor ASA (OSE: TEL; Norwegian pronunciation: [²teːlənuːr] or [tɛlənuːr]) is a Norwegian multinational telecommunications company whose headquarters is headquartered at Forbunk in Berrem near Oslo. It is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies operating worldwide, is concentrated in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Asia. It has broad broadband and TV distribution operations in four Nordic countries, and a 10-year research and business line for machine-to-machine technology. Taylor Rowe has networks in 13 countries and operates in 29 countries (including 14.6% owned by Wayne).

Telenor is listed on the Oslo stock exchange and there was market capitalization of $ 225 billion in November 2015, after which DNB and Equinox (formerly called Statoil) became the third largest company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Telenor Services

Telenor provides a full range of telecommunications services in Norway, which includes mobile and fixed telephony as well as internet access and content. Taylor still dominates the marketplace in Norway. However, the competition in the mobile market and ADSL market has been very intense, but Telenor remains the largest company in both areas.

In relation to the number of customers and the extent of coverage, the group holds a leading position in the Scandinavian Broadband and TV market. The TV distribution is branded canal digital.

Prior to the purchase of Telenor Satellite Services Division by Vijaya in 2007, it used to provide a variety of services related to satellite communication, which included voice, television, and data.

Telenor Marine Radio is responsible for infrastructure for marine radio communications in Norway and includes five human coastal radio stations whose primary purpose is to monitor marine radio traffic (for example VHF and MF band) and marine in crisis The ships have to help.

Telenor develops and sells products related to synchronous automatic meter readings and other technologies related to machine communication from a machine.

This group owns 30.2% of Avery (formerly the EDB Business Partner's last name was 51.8% of the same company, which provides a wide range of IT-services, the company is listed on the Oslo stock exchange.

Teleiner has sold many divisions since its privatization, in which Brovida, the former installation division, and the Find, is now part of Enron, which is responsible for telephone directories. The browser vendor opera software was born in the R & D department of Telenor.


At the end of 2005, Telenor held control interests in mobile operations in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Serbia, Ukraine, Hungary, Montenegro, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. There are minority interests in Telenor in mobile operations in Russia, who recently sold minority shares in Austria.

In October 2006, the group entered into an agreement with Vodafone Group, in which agreement was signed for the acquisition of subsidiary Vodafone Sweden for the idea of NOC 8,170 million, including debt assumptions.

Effective October 26, 2005, the group has reduced its economic shareholding to 56.9 percent in Total Access Communication (DTC) in Thailand. Based on mandatory tender proposals, after the next transaction, the share of Telenor increased to 69.3% by the end of 2005.

Since Telenor's mobile commitment has become increasingly important in Asia and Eastern and Central Europe, the group has appointed a dedicated executive vice-president for these areas. Telenor has also strengthened the coordination of operations and human resources in all those countries, in which the executive of the group has been operated through the appointment of two new Executive Vice Presidents.

During 2005, Telenor successfully completed several cross-border colleagues throughout the group. Normal technologies for optimal spectrum and network use have been implemented in every group operation, and take care of adopting new technologies to improve the quality of Telenor service and reduce costs. 

In order to make the group's customer orientation in all markets, Telenor has developed a general division model which enables more effective targeting while providing more insights into global markets. Telenor has developed a framework that provides partners with a proven concept of developing targeted segment offerings and optimizing customized market-by-strategies.

Revenue from revenue services includes traffic fees, interconnection fees, and roaming charges. All of Telenor's mobile operations receive the largest share of their total revenue from voice services, and Telenor continues to focus on the development of new products, services, and initiatives to increase the customer base of Telenor and to encourage high usage.

Fixed line

In Norway, Telenor provides communication solutions on a retail basis for both residential and business customers. Analog services in Norway are not provided "PSTN" (PSTN) is copied (ISDN Telenor offers telephony termination, as well as Broadband Voice Services on Internet Protocol (VoIP), PSTN / ISDN and Digital Customer Lines (Internet access through XDSL), value-added services and leased lines. One of the largest numbers of DSL lines per person in Norway, currently More than 80% of homes are growing rapidly. 

Through the acquisition of Bradbansbolaget and cybercity, NOC for 4.5 billion and NOK 1.3 billion respectively in July 2005, Telenor has gained strong positions in fast-growing broadband markets in Sweden and Denmark. Bradbandsbolaget is Sweden's second largest provider of broadband services, offering full triple-play with high-speed internet, VoIP and Internet Protocol (IP) television services on all-IP fiber and XDSL networks. Cybercity is Denmark's third largest broadband supplier, which offers XDSL based Internet access and voice services to both residential and business customers.

On February 8, 2006, Telenor increased its stake in 13.5 percent stake in Swedish residential voice and broadband provider Gloclet AB for the consideration of SEK 136 million (NOK 118 million) to secure 50.1 percent of ownership interest. Acquisition introduced a compulsory offer for all outstanding shares in Goulet AB This proposal was valid until 21 April 2006. On March 28, 2006, Telenor has 96.6 percent ownership interest in GlockNalnet.

In the fourth quarter of 2005, Telenor settled its operations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which was with a loss of 63 lakh rupees.

In 2009, Norwegian section of the International Federation of Norwegian Performing Rights Agency Tony and the Phonographic Industry (IFPI Norge) tried to force Taylor to block the Pirate Bay BitTorrent website. After several court decisions in favor of the ISP, the matter was eventually dropped, with the entry from Tone that the ISP cannot be forced to block access to the site under the Norwegian law.

The research

Telenor is the corporate entity of Telenor for research. The unit conducts research and provides research-based advice on topics like the market, technology, data analytics, innovation, and organization. Telenor Research provides Research-Based Analysis and Strategic Recommendations for the Personal Business Units in the Telenor Group alongside Telenor Group. The mission of Telenor Research is to create a business value for Telenor through applied research.


Telenor started exploring M2M potential in 2000 when Telenor R & D established a project for the purpose of technology, services, and business models. This went ahead when Telenor acquired the Swedish mobile company Europoliton, which included some parts of Vodafone's research capabilities in the area. As a result, two different companies have been set up: Telenor connections in Stockholm, Sweden (the highest target in the M2M value chain), and Telenor objects (the goal of moving forward in the value chain). As a result of this initiative, Europe has been a major market share of the fast-moving M2M market and it is being used by Nissan in Europe to connect electric cars to its customers.


Canal Digital, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Telenor, is the leading TV content distributor in the Nordic region with approximately 2.7 million customers in 2011.

Telenor also operates the National Terrestrial Broadcast Network through Norwegian Norcring in Norway. It is also part of the Norges television and content provider Ricks TV.

Thor Telenor owned satellite-family. On February 11, 2008, Thor 5 satellites were launched in the geological class by Proton rocket. Launched by international launch services using the launch vehicle built by Khrunichev Space Center. Telenor operates three satellites from its satellite control center in the Forbunku (Thor 2, Thor 3 and Thor 5) with the Laure 6 launch in 2009.

Telenor Customer Care

Here, you can get the Telenor Prepaid/Postpaid customer care number, toll-free number, and common Telenor customer care number. 
Note:- That this Telenor customer care number 24*7 i.e. it works every day and every minute, so you no need to worry about the timing.
  • Telenor Customer care number: 121 (for Telenor users, it may be chargeable at 50p/3min for agent access)
  • Telenor Customer Care number: 198 (Toll-Free Number)
  • Telenor Customer care Email Id:
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